111 Hyndland Road
Kingborough Terrace

No occupants given until 1908

1908-10    Kennedy, Robt., canvasser, East Coast Railway, 37 West George St.

1909    Kay, Meredith J., conductor (The Kay Orchestra)

1910    Frame, Walter M. (of Wm. Frame & Sons, family grocers & wine merchants, 139 Hyndland Road)

1910    Ogg, Charles F. (at Copland & Lye, linen drapers, house furnishers, milliners, shirt & boot makers, warehousemen, Caledonian House, 165-167 Sauchiehall St.)

1911    Gray, Mrs. Cooke

1911-13    McLauchlan, Wm., Saracen Foundry

1911    Roser, Wm., ladies' tailor dress & habit maker, 196-198 Pitt St.

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