105 Hyndland Road
Kingborough Terrace

No occupants given until 1906

1906    Gerrard, George A.

1907-11    Henderson, Hugo F. (of Robertson, MacKie & Co., shipowners & brokers, 140 West George St.)

1911    Turner, Peter (of Peter W. Turner & Son, oil merchants & brokers, 112 Bath St.)

1912-14    Shirra, James, jun. (at R.A. McLean & Co., stockbrokers, 44 West George St.)

1913    Harvey, John Wylie (resident manager, J. Hopkinson & Co. Ltd., of Huddersfield, boiler safety mountings, steam gauges, 41 Bothwell St.)

1914    Blair, Thomas (at Thos. Dunlop & Sons, grain merchants, shipowners, insurance brokers, 70 Wellington St.)

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