6 Hillsborough Terrace, Hillhead
Now 10 Bower Street, formerly Bruce Street.

No occupants given until 1876

1876-1906    Young, George (of Strone Colliery Co., coalmasters & coke manufacturers, 65 Bath St. ; collieries, Possil & Hamilton Hill & West Plean, Bannockbum ; depot, Crawford St., Port Dundas)

1881-87    Rome, Geo., lath merchant, 136 Waterloo St.

1888-90    Findlay, Charles J., engineer and boilermaker (of Muir & Findlay, boilermakers, engineers and smiths, Henrietta Boiler Works, 32-48 Henrietta St.)

1891-99    Bradley, A.C., professor of English Literature, University

1900-08    Orr, James M. (of John Orr & Sons, painters, decorators, gilders & picture-frame makers, 101 Wellington St. & 5 Ashton Place, Byres Road)

1908    Rae, Arch. (of Archd. Rae & Co., insurance brokers and agents for The Maritime Insurance Co. Ltd., Liverpool, 12 Renfield St.)

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