6 Hillborough Square, Hillhead
Now known as 20 Southpark Avenue, originally as Ann Street.

No occupant given until 1874

1874-80    Johnston, David, writer (of Mitchells, Cowan & Johnston, writers, 160 West George Street)

1874-75    Sommerville, Archd. (of Grant, Somerville & Co., shirting and shirt manufacturers, 13 St. Vincent Place)

1875-80    Walton, Wm. Gandy A.F.A., at Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society, 35 St. Vincent Place

1875-80    Walton, Mrs. Jackson

1878-80    Gibb, Wm., city cashier, City Chambers, 70 Hutcheson St.

1880-83    Morton, Geo., accountant and stockbroker, 104 West George Street

1883-89    MacLennan, Mrs.

1883-88    Sloan, Geo. (of William Sloan & Co., merchants, 140 Hope Street)

1888-1902    Moir, James, writer (of Moir & Forbes, writers, 146 Buchanan Street)

1890    Watson, Mrs. Wm. Brown

1892-98    Watson, Wm. Hannan, secretary, The Spanish Mines Concession Co. Ltd., 28 Renfield St.

1898-1909    Watson, James Hannan, artist, Houston, Renfrewshire

1904-07    Robertson, John, collector of Inland Revenue, 280 George St.

1907-12    Marr, James B.M. (at James Finlay & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 22 West Nile Street)

1908-09    Anderson, Miss

1912    Nisbet, Robert G., lecturer, Glasgow University

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