4 Hillborough Square, Hillhead
Now known as 16 Southpark Avenue, originally as Ann Street.

No occupant given until 1874

1874-95    McCall, Samuel (of James McCall & Son, wine merchants, 90-98 West George Street)

1875-87    Johnston, T.S. Jones, British Linen Co. Bank

1875-83    Mellish, Andrew (at J. & W. Campbell & Co., warehousemen, 29 Ingram Street)

1875-83    Wilson, Archd. C., writer & town clerk, Hillhead Burgh Buildings

1883-88    Armstrong, Rev. Robt. A.M., minister St. Matthew's Parish Church, Bothwell St.

1884-86    Maxwell, James W. (at Milne & Co., East India merchants, 191 W. George Street)

1888-95    Sutherland, Mrs.

1889-95    Smith, Charles A., West India merchant

1890-91    Paterson, James

1891-99    Harrison, J.R. (of P.H. Dixon & Harrison, ship brokers & agents, insurance brokers, members of the Underwriters' rooms, 16 Bothwell St.)

1894-95    Sutherland, Dr. L.R., M.B., physician

1895-1900    Alexander, John (of John Alexander & Co., warehousemen, manufacturers of ladies' & children's garments, 73 Mitchell St.)

1898-1908    Anderson, Miss

1898-1902    Brown, Hamilton, accountant (of Brown & Watson, accountants, house factors and property agents, 55 Bath St.)

1899-1900    Shand, Miss

1900-05    Fyfe, James, general draper, 524 Gt. Western Road

1901-03    Dickie, Archd. (at James & Wm. Y. Adams, jute spinners & manufacturers of linens, Hessians, tarpaulings & sackings, Dalmarnock Flax & Jute Works, Dunn St., Bridgeton)

1903-05    Giblin, Misses

1903-08    Rae, Archd. (of Archd. Rae & Co., marine insurance brokers and agents, 12 Renfield Street)

1905-07    Martin, Walter (of Wm. Martin & Sons, vegetable, fruit, plant and flower salesmen, auctioneers, Bazaar)

1905-07    Martin, Wm. (of Wm. Martin & Sons, vegetable, fruit, plant and flower salesmen, auctioneers, Bazaar)

1908    No occupant given until 1909

1909    Anderson, Miss

1909    Cameron, Wm. (at Geo. Chalmers, stockbroker, Sun Buildings, 121 West George St.)

1909-11    Fraser, Mrs.

1909    Schmidt, A.

1911-13    Copland, J.

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