1 Granby Terrace, Hillhead
now known as 2 Hillhead Street

No occupants given until 1858

1858-62    Martin, Alex. (of Alex. Martin & Co., fancy dress and wincey manufacturers, 16 Springfield Court, 69 Queen St.)

1859-61    Hamilton, Geo. (of P. & G. Hamilton, merchants, 22 Renfield St.)

1859-61    Hamilton, Patrick (of P. & G. Hamilton, merchants, 22 Renfield St.)

1860-65    Carmichael, John, merchant and agent to the Yorkshire Fire and Life Insurance Co., 97 Union St.

1862-67    Craig, John (of Anderson & Co., warehousemen, 51 Miller St.)

1863-71    Campbell, James (of Thomas B. Campbell & Sons, metal merchants, 30-32 Bothwell St.)

1865-67    Bertram, H. (of Bertram & Co., merchants, 42 Bath Street)

1867-70    Erskine, John, machine maker and machinery valuator

1867-70    Erskine, John, jun., merchant, Corn Exchange, 7 Waterloo Street

1867-69    Lyle, W.H. (of Bertram & Lyle, merchants and commission agents, 44 Bath Street)

1869-73    McKay, Rev. James, M.A., College Parish

1870-89    Marshall, James (of A. & W. Glen, millers and flour merchants, 71-85 Cheapside Street)/89

1871-74    Finlay, John (of John Findlay & Co., wrights & builders, 60 Woodlands Road)

1873-74    McKay, Mrs.

1874-82    Ellis, Clement, glass manufacturer, 125 Buchanan Street, later of Ellis, Allan & Co., flint glass manufacturers, Firhill Road, Firhill

1874-85    Jaeger, Geo. (of Kolp & Co., merchants, 81 Buchanan Street, Mitchell Lane)

1884-90    Rattray, David, C.A. (of Rattray Brothers & Smith, chartered accountants, Gresham house, 45 West Nile St.)

1885-96    Tennant, John, agent, Clydesdale Bank, Ltd., 144 Cowcaddens St., later writer and insurance agent, 138 W. Regent St.

1890    Alexander, Mrs.

1891-1910    Brown, James, shipping, &c, accountant, 5 West Regent Street, later of Binnie & Tennent, writers, 93 West Regent St.

1892-1905    Tennant, Mrs.

1908    Taylor, Mrs. J.D.

1910-12    Marshall, J.W.

1912    Cree, George B. (of H.G. Cree & Co., stock & share brokers, 28 Royal Exchange Square)

Next door to 2 Granby Terrace (4 Hillhead Street)

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