9 Granby Terrace, Hillhead
now known as 18 Hillhead Street

No occupants given until 1861

1861-65    Houston, J.G., writer (of J.G. Houston & Aikman, commissioner for Courts of Chancery & Probate, England, & procurator before the courts of Lanark, Stirling & Dumbartonshires, 98 West Nile St.)

1863-65    Houston, Wm. A., commission agent, 98 W. Nile Street

1865    No occupants given until 1866

1866-71    McCulloch, John C.

1871    No occupants given until 1872

1872-74    Galbraith, Geo., accountant, Caledonian Railway Co., 302 Buchanan St.

1874-83    Cumming, Rev. James Elder, D.D., , minister of the parish of Sandyford

1883    No occupants given until 1885

1885-90    Barr, John McQueen, C.A., Portuguese Vice-Consul (of Barr & Carstairs, chartered accountants, 85 Queen St.)

1890-1907    Gunn, Rev. G. Gibson, M.A., minister, St. George's Parish Church

1907-08    Gunn, Mrs. G. Gibson

1908    Reid, Rev. D.A. Cameron, B.D., minister, Church of Scotland, St. George's Parish Church

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