8 Foremount Terrace, Dowanside
now 80 Highburgh Road

No occupants given until 1877

1877-84    Smith, Ernest, manufacturing chemist, 114 West St., Tradeston

1884-87    Barnwell, Richard (at John Elder & Co., shipbuilders and engineers, Fairfield works, Govan)

1887    No occupants given until 1889

1889-94    King, John N., secretary, Broxburn Oil Co. (Ltd.), manufacturers of crude & lubricating oils, candles, paraffin wax, sulphate of ammonia,
               28 Royal Exchange Square, later of John N. King & Co., merchants and oil brokers, 50 St. Vincent St.

1894    No occupants given until 1896

1896-97    Thring, Major W.T., Royal Artillery

1897    No occupants given until 1899

1899-1912    Dudgeon, Mrs.

1912    No occupants given until 1913

1913    Steven, S., M.A., LL.B., writer, 241 West George St.

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