2 Foremount Terrace, Dowanside
now 68 Highburgh Road

No occupants given until 1876

1876-89    Taylor, John, sub-cashier, Royal Bank of Scotland, Exchange Square

1889-94    Carrick, John jun., stock and share broker, 22 West Nile St.

1894    No occupants given until 1895

1895-1902    Stewart, Henry John (of Brownlee & Co., timber merchants, City Saw Mills, Port-Dundas ; Creosote Works, Saracen St.)

1902    Sheriff, A.P. (of P. S. Brownlie & Co., manufacturers of enamelled fire-clay wash tubs, sinks, sanitary ware, etc., Crown Fire-clay Works, East Nelson Street)

1906-07    Fraser, Norman

1910    Fraser, Mrs. M.A.

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