16 St. Alban's Terrace, Dowanside
now 18 Highburgh Road

No occupants given until 1892

1892-1909    Brough, David, teacher, Grove St. School

1893-1909    Bauer, G., French and German master, Kelvinside Academy

1893-1900    Napier, W.D., engineer (consulting), 348 Central Chambers, 93 Hope Street

1893-98    Napier, Mrs. J.D.

1893-94    Nisbet, Miss H.

1893-97    Wilson, J.M., H.M.A.I. of Schools

1894-1901    Brock, W.J. (of W. J. Brock & Co., commission merchants and produce brokers, 70 Wellington St.)

1895-97    Nelson, John Aikman

1895-1904    Wylie, Wm., confectioners' agent

1896-99    Drysdale, Misses

1896-98    Rollands, Miss

1901-04    Stewart, A.

1904-08    Fairfoul, Wm., secretary, (Hutson & Sons Ltd., shipbuilders, engineers and boilermakers, 50 Kelvinhaugh Street)

1904-07    Kaiser, Richard, teacher of French and German, The High School

1906-10    Simpson, Thos. S.

1907-11    Simpson, W.N.

1907    Bowman, Miss

1908-14    Ruff, L. Philippe, prof. of voice culture/14

1909-13    Hogg, Charles. (of Charles Hogg & Co., oil, chemical and general merchants, 44 West George Street)

1910-12    Congleton, David, writer (at Mackenzie, Robertson & Co. writers, 176 St. Vincent Street)

1911    Robertson, Wm.

1913    Livingston, A.

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