9 Craigmore Terrace, Dowanside
Now known as 9 Havelock Street

No occupants given until 1892

1892-94    Edgar, Wm. McLean, manager (Robert Chrystal & Sons, family grocers, Italian warehousemen, wine, whisky & brandy merchants, 1 Charing Cross)

1892-94    McLagan, James R.

1892-93    Smail, Archd. (at Henderson, Dobson & Co., tweed merchants, 128 Ingram Street)

1893-95    McDougall, Wm. (of McDougall & Rose, printers and publishers, 8 Bridge Street, Partick)

1894    Martin, H. Robertson, writer and notary public (at Macbride, Davidson, McArthur & Steven, writers, 149 West George St.)

1896-1907    McLagan, J.R.

1897-99    Galbraith, James

1898-1900    Sims, Percy J., cashier (General Electric Co. Ltd., manufacturers of lighting plant, electric bells, telephones, medical apparatus, gas lighters, 71 Waterloo St.)

1899-1900    Harper, Wm.

1899-1902    MacLetchie, Hugh jun.

1900-02    Gray, Gustavus G.F., traveller (at Samuel Chisholm & Co., wholesale grocers, 10-14 York Street)

1900-05    Johnson, Robert

1904-07    Wybar, John (at Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society, 35 St. Vincent Place)

1907-12    Stewart, G.

1908-14    Brown, R.

1908-09    Rattray, W.G. (of Rattray, W. & T., wine and spirit merchants, 1147 Argyle St.)

1909-11    Craig, Miss

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