26 Hamilton Park Avenue, Hillhead
Formerly known as 12 Hamilton Park Terrace.
The street was originally known as St. James' Street.

No occupants given until 1858

1858-64    Arnot, Rev. Wm., minister, St. Peter's Free Church, 55 Mains St.

1864-66    Rigby, Mrs.

1866-73    Watson, R.K. (of Wm. McLaren, Sons & Co., warehousemen and manufacturers, 5 South Hanover Street)

1873-76    Strang, Samuel H. (of James Strang & Son, drysalters, 128 Ingram St.)

1876-77    Russell, Thomas

1877-98    Mitchell, W.N. (of Stephen Mitchell & Son, tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 36 St. Andrew's Square)

1898-1905    Seligman, H.L., iron merchant, 59 St. Vincent St., later at 30 Renfield St.

1905    No occupants given until 1906

1906    McNiven, R.W.

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