25 Hamilton Park Avenue, Hillhead
formerly known as 3 Hamilton or Hamilton Park Terrace
The street was originally known as St. James' Street.

No occupants given until 1864

1864-65    Currie, R.I., drysalter & commission merchant, 156 West George Street

1865    No occupants given until 1866

1866-72    Clarkson, Robt. (of Peterson & Co., produce brokers, 13 Madeira Court Buildings, 257 Argyle St.)

1872    No occupants given until 1873

1873-76    Broadley, John

1874-76    Broadley, Mark (at George Handyside Dick, East India and insurance agent, 9 Royal Exchange Square)

1876-98    Hart, P.C., 3 Royal Exchange Square, later resident secretary, the Scottish Accident Insurance Co. Ltd., 30 Renfield St.

1898-1901    Henderson, Rev. A.L., minister, Anderston U.P. Church

1901-04    Gillies, D.

1901-02    Gillies, D. junior, 63 St. Vincent St.

1901-04    Gillies, E.N, stockbroker, 63 St. Vincent Street

1902-03    Gillies, Daniel, 63 St. Vincent St.

1904    No occupants given until 1910

1910    Hart, P.C., insurance agency, 134 St. Vincent St.

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