20 Hamilton Park Avenue, Hillhead
Formerly known as 9 Hamilton Park Terrace.
The street was originally known as St. James' Street.

No occupants given until 1860

1860-68    Pender, James B., agent, Patent Cord-Rolling Iron Co., 2 North Court, Royal Exchange

1866-67    Duncan, Archd.

1868-70    Langlands, Mrs. M.

1870-73    MacLae, Alex. Crum (of Jamieson, Son & MacLae, writers, 150 St. Vincent St.)

1871-73    Crum, Hugh B., merchant, 57 St. George's Place

1873-96    Ferguson, Archd., writer, agent for Sun Fire and Life Office, 98 West George Street

1896-1902    MacGregor, A. Ronald (of A.R. MacGregor & Co., muslin & calico printers, Mile-end Printworks, 179 Broad St., Mile-end)

1902    No occupants given until 1903

1903-04    Harper, E.E.

1904    No occupants given until 1907

1907    Black, Mrs.

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