12 Hamilton Park Avenue, Hillhead
Formerly known as 5 Hamilton Park Terrace.
The street was originally known as St. James' Street.

No occupants given until 1860

1860-64    Bell, David (of David Bell & Co., tea merchants, 21 Virginia St.)

1864    No occupants given until 1865

1865-66    Anderson, Wm.

1866-69    Henderson, Wm., manager, British Metal Extracting Co. Ltd., 146 Buchanan St. ; works, 57 Charles St., St. Rollox

1869-1905    Miller, James (of Port-Dundas Pottery Co., manufacturers of stoneware & Rockingham ware, 66 Bishop St. & North British Pottery, 295 Dobbie's Loan)

1904    Miller, Mrs. James

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