10 Hamilton Crescent, Partick
Now known as 61 Peel Street.

No occupant given until 1877

1877-85    Ashcroft, Hugh M., teacher, 14 Hamilton Crescent

1877-79    McNab, W.

1879-82    Nicholl, C.A. (at Henderson Brothers, ship owners, ship and insurance brokers, 47 Union St.)

1879-81    Robertson, John, coachbuilder, 412-424 St. Vincent St.

1880-85    Webster, Geo. F. (John Orr Ewing & Co., turkey red dyers and printers, 46 West George Street ; works, Alexandria, Dumbartonshire)

1883-85    Ashcroft, Richard, writer, 146 Buchanan St.

1885-1903    Blackley, W.S.C.  (of Blackley, Young, & Co., merchants and commission agents, makers of "boiler incrustation preventive", 103 Holm St.)

1886-90    Baird, Mrs. Alexander

1888-91    McGregor, Alex.

1890-1905    Baird, David (of Johnston & Baird, wholesale tea, coffee and spice merchants, 77-79 Dunlop Street)

1891-93    Henderson, Henry

1894-95    Jebb, Charles (of John Craig & Son, paper makers, Dalsholm Paper Mills, Maryhill)

1895-97    MacCormack, J. (of MacCormack & Mills, Baltic Wire & Metal Works, paper machine wire & dandy roll makers & general wire workers, 81 Dale St., Bridgeton)

1896-1905    Lochhead, W.G., engineer

1901    Young, T.

1904-05    Robertson, J.C., India rubber, gutta percha, and golf ball manufacturers, 191-193 Broomloan Road, Govan)

1905-08    Sinclair, James, manufacturer

1908    Bailie, Robert (The Stirling Boiler Co.)

1909-14    Youden, John (of John Youden & Co. Ltd., marble cutters & sculptors, tile layers, wall decorators, contractors, 165 Hope St.; marble works, 232 Cathedral St.)

1909-10    Youden, W.A. (at H.G. Cree & Co., stock and share brokers, 87 West Nile Street)

1910    Wilson, James N., secretary, Glasgow Corporation Tramways, 46 Bath St.

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