5 Grosvenor Place, Byres Road
Before 1894 known as 104 Victoria Street
Now 295 Byres Road

No occupants given until 1885

1885-90    McQueen, Robt., commercial traveller (at S. & W. McCulloch, wholesale grocers and tea merchants, 357 Argyle St.)

1885-87    Walker, James D., agent, 33 Virginia Street

1886-88    Browne, James P. jun. (of John R. Browne & Son, watchmakers and music-sellers, 331 Argyle St.)

1887-89    Abbott, Wm., chiropodist, at A. & W. Paterson, wholesale and retail boot and shoe manufacturers, 109 Union St.

1887-90    Scott, Robt.

1889-91    Fullerton, Duncan (of Duncan Fullerton & Shearer, wholesale silversmiths, electro-platers, and cutlers, spoon and fork manufacturers, 13 Royal Exchange Place)

1891    No occupants given until 1893

1893-96    Tait, Edward A., agent for James & Thomas Usher, later Thomas Usher & Son Ltd., brewers, Edinburgh ; office, 4 North Exchange Court

1896-1902    Bews, Wm., cashier (Wm. Stevenson & Co., lead manufacturers, zinc workers & metal merchants, sanitary appliances, gas fittings, 72-80 Brown St.)

1898-1903    Grant, A.C.

1903    No occupants given until 1905

1905-07    Clark, R.

1905-07    Standing, Miss

1906    Johnstone, Hugh (at John Johnston, grocer, 273 Byres Road)

1912    Blair, Archd., church officer, Hyndland Parish Church

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