12 Grosvenor Place, Byres Road
Before 1894 known as 118 Victoria Street
Now 279 Byres Road

No occupants given until 1885

1885-1907    McNaughton, Wm. jun. (Bank of Scotland, 104 Hope St.)

1885-87    Shaw, John (at Robt. Brown & Co., wine and spirit brokers and agents, 41-45 Washington St.)

1885-87    Waddell, David, teacher, Allan Glen's Institution, 72 Cathedral Street

1887-96    Hamilton, Wm.

1896-97    Kerr, John, watchmaker and jeweller

1898-1900    Currie, Andrew, G.P.O.

1901-07    McKinlay, Robert, traveller (at Macfarlane, Lang & Co., bread and biscuit manufacturers, Victoria Biscuit Factory, Wesleyan St.)

1901-05    Noble, John, tailors' cutter, 132 Hope St.

1907    Pollock, Matthew, optician, watchmaker & jeweller, 287 Byres Road

1907-11    Wright, D.B., motor engineer and agent, of Kelvinside Garage & Motor Co., 44 Ashton Lane

1908    Taylor, Thomas (at Willis, Nelson & Co., straw hat manufacturers & warehousemen, 26-28 Queen St.)

1912    Stevenson, James B., motor body maker, 44 Ashton Lane, Hillhead

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