8 Great Western Terrace, Kelvinside

No occupants given until 1873

1873-82    Hutchison, Robt. (of J.R. Jaffray & Co., merchants, 54 Union St.)

1879-88    Hutchison, Henry (at Wm. Stirling & Sons, turkey red dyers & printers, 138-142 West George St. ; works, Cordale & Dalquhurn, Renton)

1888-1902    Orr, Robert (of James Miller, Son & Co., gas & mineral oil products, chemicals, drysalteries, aniline colours & cannel coals, 79 West Nile St.)

1902    Burrell, Wm. (of Burrell & Son, ship brokers & owners, 54 George Square)

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