996 Great Western Road, Kelvinside Gardens, Kelvinside
House name : Averly to 1898, then Averley

No occupants given until 1876

1876-88    Ball, Henry Wm. (of Alex. Chaplin & Co., engineers & boilermakers, 58-60 Port St., Anderston ; office, 60 Cranston St.)

1888-1902    Ball, Mrs. H.W.

1893-96    Ball, Charles E. (at R.A. McLean, stockbroker, 135 Buchanan St)

1894-1902    Ball, H. Heywood

1902    No occupants given until 1903

1903-10    Anderson, D.H. (of David & John Anderson, manufacturers, Atlantic Mills, Walkinshaw St.)

1910    No occupants given until 1911

1911    Thomson, A.S.D., Sheriff Substitute, County Buildings, Wilson St.

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