90 Great George Street, Hillhead

No occupant given until 1903

1903-07    Harvey, J. (of J. & R. Harvey, tea, coffee, and provision merchants, grocers and Italian warehousemen, 398 Byres Road)

1903-09    McNair, David (of Stewart, Moir & Muir Ltd., lace & muslin manufacturers, 28 Miller St. ; works, Newmilns)

1903-07    Wallace, Peter, tobacco and cigar merchant, 56 Argyle St. and 490 Gt. Western Road

1904-05    Thomson, J.H., British Linen Bank, Queen St.

1905-12    Ingram, Archd., commission agent, 45 Clyde Place, later commission and oatmeal agent, 4 York St.

1905-09    Nisbet, James S. (of A.B. Grant & Co., iron merchants and brokers, 7 Royal Bank Place)

1906    Ingram, Mrs. Archd.

1907-08    Grant, Alex. C, warehouseman (at Arthur & Co. Ltd., warehousemen and manufacturers, 78 Queen St. ; factory, 33 William St., Anderston)

1908-10    McCurrach, James M., commission agent, 360 Central Chambers, 93 Hope St.

1909-11    Gillespie, Miss M., teacher of pianoforte

1909-13    Watson, John, representative (McDowall Steven & Co. Ltd., ironfounders, Milton Ironworks, 142 North Woodside Road)

1910-12    Murray, John, buyer (at Willis, Nelson & Co., straw hat manufacturers and warehousemen, 26-28 Queen St.)

1911-13    MacKerracher, James G.

1912    Wood, Herbert G. (of Horn, Wood & Co., merchants & manufacturers, Lilybank Road)

1913    Anderson, J.

1913    Pinkerton, Miss J.K.

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