North Woodside House, North Kelvinside

No occupants given until ?

?- 1771    Lord Blantyre & Mr. Archibald Stirling of Keir

1771-92    Fleming, Wm., coppersmith

1792-92    Miller, Robt., coppersmith

1792-1802    Gillespie, Wm., calico printer of Anderston. House built previous to 1795 (shown on Richardson's Map of 1795)

1802-20    Gillespie, Colin, son of Wm. Gillespie, New York merchant

1820-22    Hoare, Samuel & other bankers

1822-28    Thomson, John, cashier, Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh

1828-45    Paul, Henry, accountant, Glasgow, later manager, City of Glasgow Bank

1845-67    Bain, John of Morriston, Cambuslang

1867-69    City of Glasgow Bank who laid out ground for feuing.

1869    House demolished

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