6 Eton Terrace, Hillhead
Now known as 51 Oakfield Avenue, formerly Wilson Street.

No occupant given until 1864

1864-74    Steven, James, agent for the Royal Fire and Life Insurance Co., 82 West Nile Street

1874-77    McNairn, John (of Houston & McNairn, American produce and commission merchants, 14 Ingram St.)

1877-1906    Lillie, James (of Lillie & Russell, tailors and habit makers, 45 Queen St., later at 86 Gordon St.)

1893-97    Lillie, T. Holtum, M.A., L.L.B. (of Forbes, Robertson & Lillie, writers, 132 West Regent Street)

1906-10    Taylor, James, junr., wholesale ironmonger and hardware merchant, 61-65 Mitchell St.

1910    No occupant given until after 1915

Next door to 5 Eton Terrace (49 Oakfield Avenue)          Next door to 7 Eton Terrace (53 Oakfield Avenue)

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