1 Eton Terrace, Hillhead.
Now known as 41 Oakfield Avenue, formerly Wilson Street.

No occupant given until 1863

1863-66    Knox, Andrew L., merchant and manufacturer, 16 Bothwell Street

1866-73    Giffen, Alex., merchant and commission agent, 161 Hope Street

1866-73    Giffen, Alex. jun., wine commission agent, 161 Hope Street

1873-79    Bock, F.J.

1873-1907    Bock, O.F., merchant (of Carosus, Bock & Co., later of O.F. Bock & Co., Baltic timber agents, 39 Hope St., later at 19 Waterloo St.)

1901    Bock, Charles A. (of O.F. Bock & Co., timber brokers and merchants, Waterloo Chambers, 19 Waterloo Street)

1907    Bock, Mrs. O.F.

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