19 Elgin Terrace, Partick
now 47 Havelock Street

No occupants given until 1861

1861-64    Fozier, M.T. (of M.T. Fozier & Co., manufacturers, merchants importers of foreign goods & agents, 85 Maxwell St.)

1861-67    Merrylees, John (of John Merrylees & Son, manufacturers of zebras, winceys, tartans, and fancy dresses, 5 Alston St.)

1862-67    Orr, Robt.  (at Robt. S. Symington, local secretary, Universal Private Telegraph, 11 St. Vincent Place)

1862-67    Sclanders, Andrew

1867-71    Leck, John

1867-71    Park, James

1871-75    Davidson, Mrs.

1871-76    Lockie, Mrs.

1871-80    Paton, D.H., LL.D., head classical master, High School, 74 John St.

1875-82    Russell, Matthew (of Russell Brothers, corn merchants, 33 Hope St.)

1880-90    McMillan, Wm. (at A. & J. Inglis, engineers & shipbuilders, Whitehall Foundr'y, 64 Warroch St. ; shipbuilding yard & slip dock, Pointhouse)

1881-1910    Bissett, Wm., teacher, Anderston Street Public School, Partick

1885-96    McDougall, Wm., commercial traveller (Grahamston Iron Co., Falkirk)

1887-92    McLaren, James, bank teller (Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd., Gordon St.)

1890-94    Morton, J. N., M.A., writer, 62 St. Vincent Street

1891-94    Morton, D.S.

1892-96    Thomlinson, John, stationer, printer and publisher, Stanley Works, 182 Dumbarton Road, Partick

1896-1900    Guthrie, Robt. A. (at Guthrie, Macdonald, Hood & Co., ship and insurance brokers and shipowners, Corn Exchange Chambers, 29 Waterloo St.)

1896-1905    McKim, Thomas C.A. (of T. & G.B. McKim, chartered accountants, 149 St. Vincent Street)

1900-05    Gray, John (of Alex. Chaplin & Co., engineers, makers of steam, hand, hydraulic & electric power cranes, Helen street, Govan)

1900-10    Stoddart, James, merchant and commission agent, 11 Miller Street

1906    McEwan, George A., manufacturers' agent, 20 South Frederick St.

1909-10    Tunnock, W.S., commercial traveller

1910    Bissett, Daniel MacFie, assistant superintendent of branches, Union Bank

1910-11    Sommerville, M.G.

1910-11    Stoddart, Mrs. James

1912    McLean, Mrs.

1913    Stewart, John R.

Next door to 17 Elgin Terrace (45 Havelock Street)        Around the corner to 21 Elgin Terrace (90 Hyndland Street)

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