117 Elderslie Street, Sandyford

No occupants given until 1884

1884-98    Stirling, Wm., manager, stables, 97 Berkeley St.

1898    Porter, Alex. M., manager (Wylie & Lochhead Ltd., cabinetmakers, ironmongers, ship & upholstery furnishers, paper hangings manufacturers, carpet merchants, removal contractors, valuators, 45 Buchanan St. & 34 Mitchell St. funeral undertakers & carriage hirers, 96 Union St. ; stableyards, Berkeley St. ; West-end carriage hiring office, India St. West)

1899-1911    Craig, Thomas, foreman (at Wylie & Lochhead Ltd., 97 Berkeley St.)

1911    Campbell, J.

1907    McLellan, W.

Across Kent Road to 95 Elderslie Street      Across Berkeley Street to 137 Elderslie Street (St. George's Free Church)

Around the corner to 97 Berkeley Street

Around the corner to 118 Kent Road

Across the Elderslie Street to 110 Elderslie Street (37 Berkeley Terrace)

Across the Elderslie Street to 100 Elderslie Street (12 Walworth Terrace)

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