4 Edelweiss Terrace, Partickhill
now 37 Partickhill Road

No occupants given until 1889

1889-96    Bain, Capt. John (of Stobo & Bain, marine surveyors, 163 St.Vincent St.)

1889-93    Cassels, Frederick A. (of F. & J. Cassels, flour and grain importers, 55 Waterloo Street)

1890-92    Weir, Andrew (of Andrew Weir & Co., shipowners, ship and insurance brokers, 71 Waterloo St.)

1891-96    Guthrie, Robt. A. (at Guthrie, MacDonald, Hood, & Co., ship and insurance brokers and shipowners, Corn Exchange Chambers, 29 Waterloo St.)

1894-99    Mowat, Wm. (at Mowat & Muir, manufacturing confectioners (wholesale and export), 79-93 East Nelson St.)

1896-1903    Honeyman, Wm.

1897-1909    Duncan, Mrs.

1898-1905    Guthrie, Geo., writer (of Nicolson, MacWilliam & Co., writers, 226 West George Street)

1898-1901    MacFie, Rev. Wm. G. minister, Partick East U.P. Church

1900-03    Grant, Rev. James, minister, Partick Congregational Church

1900-02    Smith, Wm., superintendent engineer

1901-08    Templeton, Rev. Thomas, M.A., minister, Hillhead Congregational Church, University Avenue

1904    Ferrier, James A., manufacturing jeweller, 13 South Exchange Place

1905-11    Mann, Capt. A.J.

1905-10    Raeburn, James S., cashier (at James Spencer & Co., manufacturers, 1 Princes Square)

1905-09    Raeburn, James jun. (of Burton, Son & Sanders Ltd., sugar millers, syrup refiners, almond & spice grinders & bakers' sundriesmen. Park st., Kinning Park)

1906-14    Campbell, John, Middleton Ship Yard, Govan

1908    McNiven, Donald, licenced grocer, 262 Dumbarton Road and 37 Merkland St.

1911-13    Mann, Eleanor H.

1911    Steel, Miss

Around the corner to 3 Edelweiss Terrace (60 Gardner St.)    Next door to 5 Edelweiss Terrace (35 Partickhill Road)

Across Gardner Street to 39 Partickhill Road

Across Partickhill Road to 30 Partickhill Road

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