100 Crown Road North, Dowanhill
formerly known as 9 Crown Circus Road North

No occupants given until 1900

1900-05    Scott, Charles F., 45 Bridge Street, later shoe manufacturers' agent, Waterloo Chambers, 19 Waterloo St.

1901-04    McCreath, Hugh (of Ollendorff & McCreath, foreign merchants, Baltic chambers, 50 Wellington Street)

1901-06    Niven, R.

1901-03    Ross, Mrs. H.

1901-07    Scott, Robert

1901-06    Spalding, W.

1901-02    Wallace, J.

1902-07    Barr, John M., fire loss assessor, 116 St. Vincent St.

1904-10    Cowley, Hector, house factor, property and insurance agent, 12 Gardner St., Partick

1907-10    Blackburn, Capt. James, sea captain

1907    Gardiner, Mrs.

1908-11    McKellar, Daniel M. (of Daniel M. McKellar & Co., colliery agents and merchants, 11 Bothwell Street)

1908-11    McKellar, Mrs. E.H.

1908-10    MacLure, James

1908-12    Shaw, C.W.

1910-14    Connell, R.M., journalist, "Daily Record and Mail", Daily Record Buildings, Renfield Lane, Renfield St.

1911    Arnott, Mrs.

1913    Ellicott, Herbert, B.A., assistant French master, High School

1914    Roy, Geo. A.P. (of Biggart, Fulton & Roy, shipowners, ship & insurance agents & brokers, freight contractors, 45 W. Nile St.)

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