2 Crown Circus, Dowanhill
Now known as 15 Crown Road North

No occupants given until 1862

1862-71    Panton, Rev. Geo. A., teacher of English, history & geography, young ladies' seminary for board & education

1862-71    Panton, Mrs., young ladies' seminary for board & education

1871-77    Begbie, Wm. M., teacher of English, history & geography

1871-72    Begbie, Mrs. Wm., young ladies' seminary

1877    No occupants given until 1886

1886-91    Sturrock, Mrs.

1891    Sloan, Alex. (of Alex. Sloan & Co., chartered accountants & stockbrokers, 190 West George St.)

Next door to 1 Crown Circus (17 Crown Road North)        Around the corner to 3 Crown Circus

Across Crown Road North to 10 Crown Road North (Royston)

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