40 Cresswell Street, Hillhead
Formerly Elliot Street
House name : Elliot House

No occupants given until 1889

1889-99    Bergius, Walter C. (of Walter C. Bergius & Co., iron merchants & engineers, 77 Queen St.)

1899-1907    McNair, George Stanser (of Ro├ęd, McNair & Co., shipowners and shipbrokers, 28 St. Enoch Square)

1907-09    Lever, S.W.

1909    Gibb, Peter W. (of R. Walker & Co., fish factors, 10 Clyde Terrace & Fish Market)

Across Cranworth Street to 12 Cresswell Street     Across Burgh Hall Lane to 50 Cresswell Street

Around the corner to 20 Cranworth Street

Across the Cresswell Street to Hillhead Baptist Church (41 Cresswell Street)

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