13 College, South Row, University, Gilmorehill
Renumbered in 1871, originally known as 1 College.

No occupants given until 1871

1871-72    Barclay, John

1871-72    Barclay, Thomas, D.D., Principal

1872-96    Dickson, Rev. Wm. P., D.D., professor of divinity

1896-99    Hastie, Rev. Wm., D.D., professor of divinity

1899-1907    Story, Very Rev. Robt. H., D.D., LL.D., Principal, professor of church history

1907    MacAlister, Don., K.C.B., M.D., D.C.L., Principal

1870-93    McPherson, Lauchlan, janitor
1870-72    Moir, Thomas, registrar
1874-81    Taylor, Alex., chamberlain
1881-93    Stewart, David, master of works
1892-93    Addison, W. Innes, clerk

Next door to 12 College

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