2 Colebrooke Street, Hillhead
Also known as 2 Salisbury Terrace

No occupants given until 1880

1880-81    Hanson, Edwin B., glass, china and rag merchant, 17 Gibson Street

1880-88    Robertson, , glass and china merchant, 16 Salisbury Place, 458 Gt. Western Road, Hillhead

1880-1900    Scott, Joseph (of Rowley & Dick, drysalters and oil merchants, 40 Bath Street)

1881-1912    Gregg, David (of John Walker & Co., biscuit manufacturers and machine made loaf bread bakers, 38-42 Cleveland St.)

1883-86    Bell, Mrs. T.C.

1883-85    Moody, Misses, teachers of music and languages

1885-87    Turnbull, John (of Muirhead & Turnbull, pianoforte, harmonium, American organ & music sellers, pianoforte & harmonium tuners, 101 Sauchiehall St.)

1887-99    Gemmell, Wm., wood carver, 317 St. Vincent St.

1887-95    Smith, Mrs. Daniel

1888-92    Lowson, Miss, dress and mantle maker

1891-93    Mitchell, Edward John, vice-superintendent & secretary, Grove Street Institute, (Home Mission), 32 and 84 Grove St.

1892-97    Turnbull, Mrs. James

1893-1905    Easton, Robt., manufacturer of umbrellas, portmanteaus & bags, importer of cabinet goods, 103 & 615 New City Road & 77 Sauchiehall St.

1897-98    Harvie, Wm.

1898-1903    Edgar, John (at Summerlee & Mossend Iron & Steel Co. Ltd., 172 West George St., makers of pig-iron at Summerlee, Coatbridge & iron & steel at Mossend, colliery at Blackhill, Knightswood)

1900-10    Anderson, Robert J. (of Robt. J. Anderson & Co., wholesale tea merchants, 79 Robertson St.)

1902-04    Graham, R.P. (at Maclure, Macdonald & Co., parliamentary, engineering, chromo & general lithographers, draughtsmen, engravers, photographers, photo-engravers, medallists, die sinkers, embossers, letterpress and ornamental printers, 2 Bothwell Circus)

1904-07    Ancrum, Wm., 465 Gt. Western Road

1904-12    Munro, James, accountant, Savings Bank, 177 Ingram Street

1910    Anderson, Eliz. J.

1912    Bell, A.

1912    Gregg, Alex. C., inspector, Caledonian Insurance Co., 64 St. Vincent St.

1912    Gregg, D.W., agency inspector, Law Union & Rock Insurance Co. Ltd., 110 West George St.

1912    McCracken, Mrs.

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