11 Huntly Terrace, North Kelvinside
now 63 Clouston (formerly Montgomerie) St.

No occupants given until 1890

1890-91    Buchanan, Charles, builder

1890-96    Gibson, Geo. A.

1890-94    Sinclair, Robt. H. (at James Finlay & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 22 West Nile St. ; cart entry, 55 St Vincent St.)

1891-1901    McCall, Thomas, C.E., railway contractor

1891-96    Morrison, J.

1891-1903    Reid, Robert, Royal Bank of Scotland

1892-95    Reid, Henry J., postal telegraphs

1894-1906    Fitzgerald, James D., English master, Glasgow Athenaeum

1894-1901    Smith, James, manufacturers' agent, 75 Buchanan St.

1894-96    Wingate, James (of James Wingate & Co., marine insurance brokers, 4 North Court, Royal Exchange)

1897-1901    Struthers, James

1898    Colquhoun, Mrs.

1898-1903    Walker, James W.O., manager, Glasgow Rubber Works, india-rubber manufacturers, Maryhill Road ; warehouse, 253 Argyle St.

1901-14    Bailey, Wm. Douglas, Royal Bank of Scotland

1901-07    Marr, James M.B. (at James Finlay & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 22 West Nile St. ; cart entry, 55 St. Vincent St.)

1902    McCall, Mrs.

1903-05    Fleck, James (at Laurieston Iron Co., general ironfounders, manufacturers of ranges, registers, interiors, rain water goods, soil pipes ; showrooms, 11A Bath St.)

1906-08    Copeland, Matt. H. (at Mather & Platt Ltd., engineers, the Grinnell sprinkler, armoured fire doors & general fire appliances, 124 St. Vincent St.)

1906-10    Copeland, Mrs.

1910    Neish, Wm.

1912-13    Panton, A.W.

1913    Dunlop, James M., A.R.C.A., Glasgow School of Art

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