7 Huntly Terrace, North Kelvinside
now 51 Clouston (formerly Montgomerie) St.

No occupants given until 1888

1888-91    Duff, Thomas (of M. Campbell Duff & Son, measurers, 197 St. Vincent Street)

1888-91    Greenlees, Thomas (of Peter Robertson, india-rubber merchant, engine packings, valves, joints, machinery belting, agent for hair, roofing & sheathing felts, tallow, oils, 32 Queen St.)

1889-90    McClure, Mrs.

1889-96    Malloch, Alex.

1889-91    Murray, John jun., quarrymaster, Mosesfield Quarry, Springburn

1890-1904    Black, Wm. P.M., B.L. (at McGrigor, Donald & Co., writers, 172 St. Vincent St.)

1890-92    Higgins, James, architect, 95 Bath Street

1891-95    Henderson, John (of Hood, Morton & Co., lace, chenille & curtain manufacturers, 34 St. Enoch square ; works, Newmilns)

1891-95    Lothian, Alex. V., M.A., lecturer in mathematics & physics, E.C. Training College

1894-95    Cross, D.

1894-1907    Wood, Mrs.

1895-1903    Armstrong, J. Walker, I.M., measurer, 136 Wellington St

1895    MacFarlane, Daniel jun. (of D. McFarlane & Son, timber merchants, Ruchill Saw Mills, Maryhill)

1896-1903    Ferguson, Alex.. (of A. & W. Ferguson, yarn agents, 53 Cochrane St.)

1896    Malloch, Miss M.

1896-98    Moir, Mrs.

1902-03    Mitchell, James (of A. & J. Main & Co. Ltd., manufacturers of galvanized corrugated iron roofing, continuous bar & wire fencing, iron hurdles, gates, railings, &c., iron bridge builders, structural engineers, 54 Gordon St. ; Clydesdale Iron Works, Possilpark)

1905    McKay, Robert (Bank of Scotland)

1907    Cowan, J.M.C. (of Sandeman Bros., rosin distillers & oil refiners, Ruchill Oil Works, Bilsland Drive)

1914    Millar, John

1914    Thomson, Alex., North British Railway, 14 W. George St.

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