1 Lugar Place, North Kelvinside
formerly Montgomerie Street, now 2 Clouston Street
Also known as Kelvinbank Terrace before 1879 ; originally known as part of Kelvinside Drive

No occupants given until 1874

1874-80    Anderson, James W. (of Anderson Brothers, merchants, 24 St. Vincent Place)

1880    No occupants given until 1882

1882-87    Halley, Peter (at Halley & Co., manufacturers, 24 Buchanan St. ; works, Auchterarder)

1887    No occupants given until 1888

1888-92    Beckitt, Edward, engineer (of Clarkson & Beckitt, hydraulic & general engineers, millwrights & machine makers, Maryhill Engine Works, Maryhill)

1892-95    Russell, Wm. F., agent for Armadale, Dunmore & Coneypark collieries, 48 W. Regent St.

1895    No occupants given until 1896

1896    Gray, John G., M.D., C.M., F.F.P.S.G., physician and surgeon

Next door to 2 Lugar Place (4 Clouston Street)

Around the corner to 105 Queen Margaret Drive (1 Boswell Terrace)

Across Clouston Street to 13 Clouston Street (1 Holborn Terrace)

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