26 Cleveden Road, Kelvinside
Formerly 26 Crossloan Road
House name : Hayston

No occupants given until 1884

1884-1911    Gow, Leonard, ship owner (of Allan C. Gow & Co., ship & insurance brokers, 19 Waterloo St. & McGregor, Gow & Co., London

1897-1900    Gow, W. Mearns (of Gow Brothers & Gemmell, stock & share brokers, 21 West Nile St.)

1911    Gow, Mrs. Leonard

Next door to 24 Cleveden (Crossloan) Road (Shemore)           Across Winton Drive to 42 Cleveden (Crossloan) Road (West Balgray)       

Around the corner to 12 Winton Drive

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