16 Montgomerie Crescent, Kelvinside
16 Cleveden Crescent, now known as 61 Cleveden Drive, Kelvinside

No occupants given until 1880

1880-82    Higginbotham, John E. (of Chas. Todd & Higginbotham, & Sam. Higginbotham, Sons & Gray, cloth manufacturers & printers, 4 Springfield Court, 69 Queen St.)

1882    Clark, Wm. (of John Clark jun., & Co., manufacturers of sewing, knitting & crotchet cotton, Mile-end Thread Works, 47 King St., Mile-end), later at 125 Buchanan St.

Next door to 15 Montgomerie (Cleveden) Crescent

Around the corner to 23 Montgomerie Quadrant (17 Beaconsfield Road)

Across Mongomerie (Cleveden) Drive to 62 Montgomerie (Cleveden) Drive

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