17 Clarence Drive, Hyndland

No occupants given until 1903

1903-06    Aitken, Thomas, secretary, Gresham Life Assurance Society, Ltd.

1903    Callender, Misses

1903-05    Grant, Thomas M., consulting engineer

1903-04    Horsfield, Geo. M. (of Bladen & Co. Ltd., structural engineers & contractors, Parkhead Girder Works)

1903-06    Leishman, John (of Smith & Leishman, timber measurers & carting contractors, Yorkhill wharf)

1903-04    Taylor, Ormond (of Taylor Brothers, corset & underclothing manufacturers, 68 Mitchell St.)

1903-04    Wight, Geo. Wink, C.A. (of Wight & Wight, chartered accountants, 150 Hope St.)

1904-13    Menzies, Wm. P. (agent, Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd., Yoker)

1905-10    McAusland, W.F. (of H.C. McAusland & Sons, tie manufacturers, silk, cotton & glove importers, 51 Buchanan St.)

1907-09    McAllister, Archibald (of Geo. Handasyde Dick & Co., East India merchants, 30 Renfield St.)

1909    Dron, J.K. (of Thos. Ross & Sons, manufacturing goldsmiths, diamond merchants, watchmakers & silversmiths, 107 Buchanan St.)

1911    Temple, George P., journalist

1912    Currie, Mrs. Robt. W.

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