104 Clarence Drive, Hyndland

No occupants given until 1903

1903-04    Cameron, Hugh, manufacturer's agent, 98 Hope St.

1904-05    Fraser, R.P. (of James Fraser & Co., stationers, bookbinders, pattern-book & card manufacturers, 13 South Exchange Place)

1905-09    Hill, Geo. (at Henderson & Co., East India merchants, 193 St. Vincent St.)

1906-07    McBride, J.

1906-07    McTaggart, Miss

1908-11    Downie, Wm. D., mechanical engineer

1908-14    Nixon, T.M., bass vocalist

1908    Fitzgerald, James D., teacher of English

1909-10    Baillie, Wm. P., traveller (at Samuel Chisholm & Co., wholesale grocers, 10-14 York St.)

1909-10    Rutherford, George

1910-14    McCay, J.L.D., mining engineer (at J.S. MacArthur & Co., mining engineers & metallurgical chemists, 74 York St.)

1913    Newell, W.O., cashier (at Warren & Stuart, M.M. Inst. C.E., civil engineers & surveyors, 94 Hope St.)

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