10 Clairmont Gardens, Park

No occupants given until 1858

1858-89    Hannay, Antony (of Kelly & Co., cotton brokers and commission merchants, 108 Virginia Place)

1889-91    Hannay, Mrs.

1891    No occupants given until 1892

1892    Kirkpatrick, Alex. Bryce (of Fraser, Kirkpatrick & Smith, stockbrokers, 88 St. Vincent St. & Stock Exchange)

1892    Kirkpatrick, John (of Thomas Kirkpatrick, warehouseman, 373 Sauchiehall St.)

1892-1901    Monro, Dr. Thomas Kirkpatrick, M.A., M.D., F.R.F.P.S.G., physician, Western Infirmary, professor of medicine, Glasgow University/1

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