43 Cecil Street, Hillhead
Janewood Terrace


No occupants given until 1878


1878-80    Herbertson, John R. (at Peterson & Co., home and foreign produce brokers, Corn Exchange Place, 23 Waterloo St.)


1880    No occupants given until 1883


1883-88    Paterson, Robt. Scott (of Paterson, Baxter, & Co., linen merchants, and sail cloth manufacturers, 11 Prince's Square)


1888    No occupants given until 1891


1891-97    Struthers, Miss


1897-1901    No occupants given until 1901


1901-03    Stevenson, Wm. (of Wm. Stevenson & Son, yarn merchants and agents, 18a Renfield St.)


1903-06    Dunkerton, E.C., A.M., I.M.E. (of Robey & Co. Ltd., engineers, Box 13, Royal Exchange)


1906    No occupants given until after 1915


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