16 Sardinia Terrace, Hillhead
now 32 Cecil Street. Originally number 5 of 12 houses known as Sardinia Terrace.

No occupants given until 1857

1857-73    Reid, Daniel, goods manager, Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway, 22 Dundas Street

1873-77    Cameron, Rev. Robt., Cambridge St. U.P. Church

1877-79    Sloan, Charles T. (of A. & C.T. Sloan, chartered accountants and stockbrokers & resident secretaries of Standard Life Assurance Co., 155 West George St.)

1879-82    Crum, Hugh B. (of Grahames, Crum, & Spens, chartered accountants and stockbrokers, 12 St. Vincent Place)

1882-85    Christie, James R.B. (of Christie Brothers, merchants and conmiission agents, 188 St. Vincent St.)

1885-87    Smith, Mrs. J. Randal

1887    No occupants given until 1888

1888-1912    Taylor, John (of John Taylor & Co., brokers to the wholesale tea, wine & spirit trade, 25 Wellington St. ; stores, 94 Wellington Lane)

1912    Taylor, Mrs. John

Next door to 30 Cecil Street (17 Sardinia Terrace)      Next door to 34 Cecil Street (15 Sardinia Terrace)

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