Dowanvale Church, Partick
19 Byres Road

No occupants given until 1823

1823-47    Partick East United Secession Church, ministers, 1827-39, John Skinner
                                                                                     1841-47, Thomas Lawrie

1847-1902    Partick East U.P. Church, minister, 1847-66, Thomas Lawrie
                                                                     1866-80, Robt. M. Gibson
                                                                     1880-1901, James Wallace
                  Partick East U.F. Church, minister, 1901-1902, James Wallace

1886-1900    Kerr, Colin, cabinetmaker, upholsterer and removal contractor

1902    Building demolished

1905-09    Morris, H.M., hairdresser

1909-11    Burgess, W.

1911    Carey, T.H.

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