5 Prince of Wales Terrace, Hillhead
Now 402 Byres Road,  also known as Victoria Street before 1893.

No occupants given until 1879

1879-89    Farmer, Wm., grocer and wine merchant, 1 Rokeby Terrace, Great Western Road, Hillhead

1879-81    Robertson, Wm. M., writing and bookkeeping master, Kelvinside Academy

1881-84    Drummond, Alex. S., M.A., writer and notary public, yr. of Blackruthven, Perth, 194 St. Vincent St.

1881    Landles, James, church officer, Kelvinside Free Church

1882-89    Meikleham, J.

1884-94    McDonald, W.H. (at McBride, Davidson, McArthur & Steven, writers, 226 West George St.)

1884-88    McGregor, Joseph, (at Arthur & Co., drapers, 270 Main street, Anderston)

1886-89    MacDonald, Capt. Henry, V.C. (late Garrison Staff, Gibraltar)

1887    Templeman, Miss

1888-96    Christian, James C. (at John Clapperton & Co., manufacturers and warehousemen, 61 Miller St. and 62 Queen St.)

1890-1907    Roebuck, Washington, teacher of music

1891-92    Gatow, B.

1892-93    Paton, B.

1893-98    Gatow, B.

1895    Robertson, Miss

1896-1900    Mason, David, 39 Hope St.

1899-1904    Peden, Alex, W., watch and clock maker, 270 Dumbarton Road, Partick and 388 Byres Road

1904-05    Brown, D.

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