17 Windsor Place, Dowanhill, Kelvinside
Known as 78 Victoria Street before 1894, now 313 Byres Road.

No occupants given until 1878

1878-79    Walker, Wm.

1879-80    McDonald, J., M.A.

1880-82    Henderson, J.

1880-85    McBride, John (of McBride & Paton, plumbers and gasfitters, 19 Prince of Wales Terrace, 380 Byres Road, Hillhead)

1880-82    Wallace, Walter, church officer, Hillhead Established Church

1881-82    Scott, J.P.

1882-83    Henderson, Mrs. J.

1882-84    Ingram, Geo. J. (of George J. Ingram & Co., oil and grease manufacturers, colliery and engineers' furnishers, 76 West Howard Street)

1883-87    Ross, Geo. W., special deputy, Highland Temperance League, 17 Prince of Wales Terrace, Byres Road, Hillhead

1884-86    Duff, Alex., poulterer, 21 Prince of Wales Terrace, Byres Road

1887-90    Hamilton, Wm., fruiterer, 23 Windsor Place, 305 Byres Road

1889-95    Salkinson, Miss, teacher of music

1890-92    Milne, Francis W. (Bank of Scotland, Hillhead)

1890-1902    Todd, James, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 5 Windsor Place, 331 Byres Road

1891-98    Logan, Wm. (at Smith, Findlay & Co., manufacturers' agents, 22 West Nile St., later of Logan & Dickie, house factors and property agents, 58 Bath St.)

1892-1909    Reid, Mrs.

1892-96    Roy, James, manager (Cooper & Co., tea merchants, grocers, Italian warehousemen, manufacturers, &c., Hillhead)

1894-99    Logan, John

1895-99    Adam, James

1896-99    Butters, Joseph, fish merchant, 378 Byres Road

1906    Philip, James, inspector, Office of Public Works, 64 Cochrane St.

1907-14    Wilson, John, butcher, 887 Argyle St.

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