128 Byres Road

No occupants given until 1877

1877-78    Lawson, Archd., district manager, Commercial Union Assurance Co., 191 West George St.

1878-82    Falconer, Patrick (of Falconer & Co., jewel case makers and shop fitters, 2 Howard Street)

1878-88    Lightbody, Wm., joiner and stair railer, 67 Dalhousie Street

1878-82    McKay, Daniel G., wine and spirit merchant, 127-129 Dumbarton Road, Partick and 1 Bridge St., Partick

1879-87    McEwen, John P., manager, Kames Gunpowder Co. 157 West George St.

1882-96    Easson, Robt. (of Easson Brothers, cotton and woollen waste dealers, paper stock merchants, oil merchants and engineers' furnishers, 47 Carrick St.)

1885-92    Browning, Robt.

1889-95    McIntyre, Hugh (of Hugh McIntyre & Co., marine surveyors, 6 Oswald St.)

1892-1913    Browning, Hugh H., H.M.A.B.D., teacher of mathematics

1892-1906    Walls, John, property agent and builder, 57 West Nile St.

1894-1900    Bain, Miss

1894-1900    Marshall, John (of Marshall, Arthur & Co., licensees and manufacturers of the "Marguerite" patent tea infuser and separator, &c., 180 West Regent St.)

1899-1905    McCusker, James, produce and commission merchant, Melville court, 132 Trongate

1900    Logan, J.

1900-03    Smith, James

1900-1902    Tyson, Mrs.

1902-1910    Tyson, Miss

1903-05    Taylor, Thomas

1905-1910    Millen, Miss

1907    Thomson, Mrs. Allan

1908    Thomson, John B.

1911    Livingstone, Alex., valuator & shop superintendent

1913    Logan, W.

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