8 Bute Mansions, Hillhead
Now 58 Hillhead Street

No occupants given until 1890

1890-97    Young, Alex. (of Alex. Young & Co., export merchants and machinery agents, 53 Waterloo St.)

1897-1904    Smith, James G. (at Merry & Cuninghame Ltd., iron and coal masters, 109 Hope Street)

1904    No occupants given until 1906

1906-12    Hogg, Wm. (of Wm. Hogg & Co., merchants, 2 West Regent Street)

1912    Russell, Wm. L. (of W.F. Russell & Sons, coal exporters, 90 Mitchell St.)

Next door to 7 Bute Mansions (60 Hillhead Street)    Next door to 9 Bute Mansions (56 Hillhead Street)

Across the street to 4 Strathmore Gardens (51 Hillhead Street)

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