3 Bute Mansions, Hillhead
Now 68 Hillhead Street

No occupants given until 1889

1889-95    Watson, Charles P., newspaper advertising agency, 109 St. Vincent Street

1895-97    Paton, Ebenezer (of McMillan & Marshall, wholesale stationers, printers and lithographers, 35 Montrose St.)

1897    No occupants given until 1898

1898-1902    Hutson, Guybon, jun.

1902-12    Morrier, H.F. (of Wm. Morier, wholesale and export brush manufacturer, Copeland Road, Govan)

1912    Bird, Neilson (at J. & R. Williamson Ltd., wine & brandy shippers, Scotch whisky merchants, 3 Royal Exchange Court)

Next door to 2 Bute Mansions (70 Hillhead Street)    Next door to 4 Bute Mansions (66 Hillhead Street)

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