Kelvinside House, North Kelvinside
Originally known as Bankhead.

No occupants given until 1750

1750-77    Dunmore, Thomas, tobacco merchant

1777-85    Dunmore, Robt.

1785-1807    Lithan, Dr. Thomas (of the East India Company)

1807-39    Lithan, Elizabeth

1826-30    Dennistoun, Alexander (of James & Alex. Dennistoun, merchants, 30 Montrose St.)

1835-38    Campbell, James (of J. & W. Campbell, merchants, warehousemen & manufacturers, 34 Candleriggs)

1839-69    Montgomerie, Matthew (of Montgomerie & Fleming, writers, 62 Miller St.)

1869-76    Walker, John E., funeral undertaker, job and postmaster, carriage hirer, livery stable keeper, omnibus proprietor & coachbuilder, 2 London St. (Cross), 3 North Queen St., 77 Buccleuch St., 9 Park Place, Stockwell St. ; Hamilton Place, Hillhead ; head office, Horse Bazaar, 29 Cambridge St.

1874-76    Flint, Alicia, teacher of French, 12 Newton St.

1876    House demolished

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