21 Botanic Crescent, North Kelvinside
Formerly 21 Derby Crescent

No occupants given until 1897

1897-1906    Miller, John, traveller, Regent Flour Mills

1898-1900    Clarke, W.A.

1898-1900    Kerr, J.

1898-1907    Pollock, Miss

1898-1908    Sloan, John B. (of John McInnes & Co., fleshers, 130 St. George's Road)

1898-1909    Weston, David, secretary, Brownlee & Co. Ltd., timber merchants, City Saw Mills, Port-Dundas & at Kilmarnock & Grangemouth ; Creosote Works, Saracen St.

1900-05    Brown, James H. (of Wm. Brown & Son, bonded store proprietors & export bottlers, 11 Oswald St.)

1901-07    Hamilton, John K., consulting engineer (of Hamilton & Co., engineers & specialists in ventilation, heating, drying, pumping, electricity, &c, 53 Waterloo St.)

1904-08    Clark, Hugh Thomson, "Evening Times", Buchanan St.

1909    Moffat, G.L., M.A., B.Sc., teacher, Glasgow Academy

1909    Stirrat, R. Russell (at Geo. Stout & Co., steamship brokers, 121 St. Vincent St.)

1910    Hutton, R.B., consulting engineer & architect

1910    McMurchy, Daniel (of A.D. Miller & Co., electro-platers in gold, silver, nickel, etc. & manufacturing silversmiths, 47 Cadogan St.)

1912    Black, Mrs. E. Hope

1913    McArthur, John, baker, 178 St. George's Road

Next door to 20 Botanic Crescent     Next door to 50 Kelvin Drive (22 Derby Crescent)

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